“I am happy to be ME”


This is my first writing in English in this blog. Many topics that I will show up here. I want to sort one by one and I will refer all the story from everything that occurred in approximately me.

Allow me to introduce my self. I am Sherly Adra Pratiwi. Everybody call me Sherly. I merely the simple one. I am an ordinary girl. However, I have desires to do wonderful act in my life. I want to worthwhile wherever I am. Purely, this writing solely about my spirit and my solemnity when I am doing something, because I merely want affect you to treat your self more better and encourage you to trace this live more enjoyable.

As we know, whole people in this world are equates according our Maker. However, that distinguish us are our obedience and our godly. In the other word, we are the same, so, why we prone to ignore that contention?

Each of us possessing the ability and skill to recognised by other people. We have overage that can make us appreciated and remembered. However, sometime we do not know how to asses the ability and skill that we have. Exist some people who recognize their superiority early in life, but, not a few who can trace that. Sometime, they found it through the hobby. Ya, hobby is the one way to discover our ability, just like me, writing is my hobby and according me it is my superiority that I can develop and show to you all.

So, let is it flow and try to get whatever in your self. I am sure, you are a hero for you self and you can do what the others do, and you can do what the others cannot do it. 😀

Do and prove it right now..!!! 😀

Keep Fighting all..!!!


Senin, 5 Maret 2012

AP3-477, DPP Bank Muamalat, UUM, Sintok, Kedah, Malaysia.


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