Put into target to be “mine”…!!


Yesterday, exist someone came to my room. She is a student in here, but she is in the last year in this university. So, she want to make some report as her thesis. I did not know why I was chosen by her. When I asked about that, she said “you are a seller”. What??? It was so funny answer for me. “I am student, not seller”…!! 😀

She is Malaysian and she thought that I am foreigner because I am Indonesian. So, she used bilingual language when we got an interview. First time, she spoke in English. Hm, it was better for me, because I can practice my English. The topic in our interview was appealing. I was widely comfort to answer all her question.

We told about my business that I am running now. She asked me how I got an idea to sell the items. Easily, I said because I saw the considerable opportunity for this business, there were target market in here and I was sure that I can handle this business. Then, my product was a unique thing, so, I thought many people will be interested.

Approximately five or six questions that she gave me, she continued to the next part of the interview. She asked me about my promotion. How I did to promote my product so that many people want to buy the product.

To answer the question, I still used English, but, the longer time, my English became bad. I was difficult to say anything in English. However, I may not give up. I have to try and error continually.

Not so long time, the second part of interview already done, so that, we continued to the next part. In this section, the girl asked me about Commercial Posting that I have been doing in facebook. Commercial Posting is the one way for a seller or a businessman to promote and acquaint their product by social networking, such as: facebook, twitter, blog and others. Doing the promotion by it can minimize and spare our cost and time.

In the beginning, I can speak clearly. I gave many arguments and commentaries about that. However, when I want to continued with others explanation in my mind, I was so difficult and more difficult to arrange my sentences, because, I have to give some statements based on expert opinion. In the end, I really gave up and used Bahasa for all.

How poor am I..!!! I felt left behind from others. Absolutely, I was so shy when I cannot continue my answer  in English. Nevertheless, It is ok lah..!! This project will I put into 100 targets to be “mine” in my life. I am going to give limited time to finish and make it becomes true…!!!

Hope… hope… hopefully…!!! 😀

No need to worry lah..!! 😀

1:06 am

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

AP3-477, DPP Bank Muamalat, UUM, Sintok, Kedah, Malaysia.


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  1. keep to try hard ya…. I imagine whereas u can combine both of ur skill in business and english. do something for ur future with that. then can you imagine, how happy ur family will be? me too 🙂
    keep writing, okay?

  2. Aminnn….!! InsyaAllah I will give my best for everything that I do..!! hopefully, I can make it comes true..!! I am sure, they will be happy in my successful future..!!! Okayy bg..!! Try n error…!! hehehe

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