“Osh” with Mukhlisa from Uzbek..! ^^




Finally, I can acquire how to make the traditional food from Uzbekistan. Yes, I am amused for today until this night when I am creating this writing. Although, in the beginning I was not so sure this project will be happen, but I had enjoy the process.

I slept at 3:00 am and woke up at 8:00 am for praying subuh. Ya, I was so late to do my worship. I was wrong, but it’s okelah, because I really did not know subuh is coming. I toke the holy water and prayed. After that I remembered my planning for today. Immediately, I called my friends to prepare their self to go to Changloon market, especially the girl from Uzbekistan.

At 10:00 am, I went to Uni Inn which the place is my friend’s room. Not so long time, I and my friends went to mall campus named Varsity mall for waiting Mukhlisa who is my friend from Uzbek. We need too much time for waiting her. And the fact, we have left of the mall at 12:00 pm.

We used taksi that we call “kereta sapu” in here. The name of the driver is Pak Cik Ali. He picked us more slowly to Changloon. So I asked him to drive his car fastest, because, for me, time is money. I was worry if my time not enough. I also have some planning at 3:00 and 4:00 pm. He understood what I say, and then he drove his car like a racer.

Arrived in Changloon, we entered into C-Mart and we bought everything that we need to cook. Some ingredients like Chicken, Carrot, Tomato, Bombay union, Jintan and etc. We bought everything that Mukhlisa said. Not many and not too expensive.

After that, we went to UUM again. Around 15 minutes, all of us arrived. No need to take a rest, Mukhlisa immediately prepared all the Ingredients in the kitchen. So, I have to do like she did. I helped her for chopping carrot and peeling onions. But, when I gonna help her for frying onions; she said to me “Sherly, I do not want somebody damage my brew. I am like a mother, just wanna cook by myself. After she said like that, I just smile and far away from her. In Bahasa, I told about that to my friends. All my friends just laughed and said, “She did not know who you are..!! You also can cook better than her. Hm, I was strongly agreed with my friends, but never mind lah, for Uzbek brew maybe I cannot better than her.

I merely regarded everything that she was doing. I want to know all the progress to make the brew. So, I stood near her such as children 6 years old while recorded the process. Around 45 minutes, the brew already done.  Wow… the stink was so tease. It is made me hungrier. I whispered her and said, “Oh My God, I am so hungry moreover when I am smelling your food. Suddenly, she took a plate and put much Osh in there. After that she added some fried chicken and boiled eggs. She also made tomato salad. Oh, it  was more delicious. No need much times, all the brews finished. Hm, the foods were tasty and very savory. I like that so much but I really like the process how to make the food. I have to try to make it by myself. It was the important thing why I invited her to my friend’s room and asked her to make a traditional food from Uzbekistan. The fact is for improving my science of chef.

Let’s find the other friend from other country to teach me everything about food, cook and chef science…!! 😀

Because, I really love to cook so muchhhh…!!! 😀

Tomato Salad and Osh

"Tomato Salad and Osh"

12:07 pm

22 March 2012

AP3-477, DPP Bank Muamalat, UUM, Sintok, Kedah, Malaysia.


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  1. …and I got the leftovers
    nevertheless, I like it !
    thank’s, girls..

    about what you asked:
    You have shared what you feel dan think
    that is the starting point to be a better writer
    we already shared it in ‘book message’ at Ethnic class, hehe…
    Chayoo!! write and vocab…like these!

  2. Suciamalia: ….but, the brews still much.. you didn’t want to eat that all. hm, you may not shy to eat everything in your friend’s room lah.. just enjoy… Yess ci, agree with u, I hope I can make a writing better than now.. i hope so so..!!

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