Awesome Trip to Pulau Penang..!!!


Penang Island

Penang Island

Somebody ever said to me that if we go to Penang, we have to lose just a moment or some hours and round the city while in the same street. Because, in there, we only through one way. The other society usually calls “Jalan Sehala”. And if you wrong to choose the way, immediately the police will come to you and ask you to pay fine or “Saman” in Bahasa Melayu.

If we look for the wide of area, Penang is very small and crowded, but I love that city so much because Penang is the bigger city in Malaysia after Kuala Lumpur. There are many big and unique buildings in there, and the building is also very oldest. Penang is become a central of business in Malaysia and the trend centre for update style. If you are a shopaholic, I think Penang can be your next trip for that.

Okay, for right now, I will not tell you anymore about Penang, but I will tell you about my crazy journey in there. This is not the first time for me to go to Penang, but this is the biggest experience and the terrible trip that I ever done.

Saturday, March 24, 2012. We already choose of the day for going there. Moreover, in the Friday night, we were so panic, because the car that we will use for tomorrow was not available. There was no car, whereas we already booking that car 2 days ago. Oh, we disappointed if this planning fail, because all the prepared done. Moreover we also cooked many foods for the trip and we imagined how happy we are for tomorrow.

Very LUCKY for us, in the middle night, Aidil who is my friend that have many friends with foreigner came to Ira’s and Tya’s apartment where we got together. We told about all problems that happen to us. Immediately, Aidil called his friend from Arab who has a car. Then, he rented the car for me and my friends. Alhamdulillah we got it.

Because of get together at the night, so, all my friends slept so late, but not for me. I slept earlier because tomorrow I will be a driver and I have to maintain my energy and stamina for tomorrow. Oya, in that time, Icha becomes a chef, because she cooked fried chicken, potato and some kind of foods for tomorrow.

In the morning, Ira woke up earlier and she prepared everything about foods that made by Icha last night. She cooked rice and boiled the water. She also cleaned all her rooms and yes, she was like a mother. Meanwhile, Wiga went to her room to prepare herself. After all finished, we started our trip at 9:00 am. We prayed and hope this journey can be a safety and happy trip.

Unexpected, my car was so fast and suddenly I hit a bird in the street. Before that accident happened, I thought the bird will fly when my car was running, but the bird was not move. So, the bad accident happened. All of us shocked and prayed this was not happen anymore.

The distance between UUM and Penang Island is around 153,8 km. for me, it was so far and I was so afraid if I will sleepy when I was driving. So, I have to drink a cup of coffee like a bus driver. Moreover I did not know the way to Penang and my friends too, but it is okay because in this country there are many traffic guides to give information and direction for our purpose. So, the fact made me cannot sleepy, because I have to concentrated and focus with the traffic guide.

Ira, Tya, Icha sit at the back and Wiga was beside me. Wiga was the best partner to be my guide. She can be a signpost for giving some information during this trip. How about Ira, Tya and Icha?? Yaa.. All of them slept soundly. Hahaha 😀

Good driver and best guide

Good driver and best guide

We want to choose the toll street, but we did not know the location of the plaza toll. Therefore, we passed by the common street and of course we misguided some ways in some moment. But, never mind, this was the real adventure for me.

At 11:00 am, we arrived at Penang and for going to Penang Island we can go by Ferry or through the George town that is a long bridge which made on the sea. We would like go by George town, so, for the next moment we should find the way to go there. Not so long time to lost, we can find the way.

Around 12:00 pm, we were in the central city of Penang Island that the societies call “Pusat Bandar”. For the first, we dropped in a small garden that so beautiful and we got lunch in there.  Wah, the stock for lunch was so simple but very delicious and all of us enjoyed it.

Pusat Bandar

Pusat Bandar

In the Garden

In the Garden

After that, we planned to go to Mall and in the afternoon we will go to Penang beach to take some pictures. Moreover we have been preparing the costume for the moment. Yaa, we imagined that we will be a model. Hehehe J

Unlucky for us, we lost the way for many times. We knew the mall that we want to visit, but we were really strongly did not know the location of the mall. We already asked to the society, but nobody can help us. Almost 2 hours, we still on the way. Oh.. I was so bored and felt tired to drive this car. Moreover the street in Penang is small and crowded. In the end, Wiga asked to an Arabian. He explained so clearly the location of mall. In fact, we were very surprise because we already through this way more than five. Oh my God, I was so annoyed and my friends were so regret.

Around at 3:00 pm, we arrived at the mall. Hm, the mall is very big and luxurious. We have to calm down to buy everything in there and we should be patient. All of us have the same problem for this situation. Yes, the specific problem depends on me. The problem was about MONEY. However, we have to manage our money more careful. Lest, we loss much money and no cash for the next month. Hahaha..

We were in the mall until 6:00 pm. No time for going to the beach, because our condition was not suitable with the morning planning. So, in that moment we have to find the way to exit from this city. Oh, I did not know where I will drive this car anymore. More unlucky, we trapped a traffic jam. To avoid the problem, I drove the car toward a lane. Oh My God, the street is a central place of Chiness foods. All the people in there was Chiness, and all of us were hungrier to see all of the foods. Calm down and calm down anymore because no time for eating in there. We just have enough time for ask to the people about the way. Wiga asked an old man, he did not explain to us the way but he became our guide. By his motorcycle, he helped us to find the way to go to Ferry. We have chosen Ferry for going back, not George town. Around 15 minutes we arrived in the port. Alhamdulillah, all of us were so happy and said many thanks for the man. As a symbol to express our gratitude, we gave him some money, but he did not want to receive it. We already force him to take the money, but he rejected and said “no thanks, I am sincere to help you all”. Then, the old man went far away and left us. Hm, the old man was so kind and hospitable. I hope he will always be happy in his life.

Immediately, we entered to Ferry. I have parking the car and then we went on the top of the ship. Wow… how beautiful the view. We took many pictures and while enjoyed the wind that made our veil and hair flew. Hm, it was so romantic moment.

Romantic view from Ferry

Romantic view from Ferry

All Smile

All Smile

We have exited from Ferry, that mean exit from Penang Island. The time was 8:00 pm and we have to find some foods to full our energy and stamina again. So, we stopped a moment in the rest area before enter to the toll street. We bought many foods and eat all the foods in the car, because no time for dinner. Although I have been driving the car, but I still have dinner. I can do both of the job in the same time. With a fastest pace, I drove the car in the toll. I was so afraid if I will sleepy for the night. However, we also should arrive at UUM before 12 am.

Something bad condition occurred for us again. How I was so panic when we entered the toll. We forgot to gain the petrol for this car. And you know, the petrol was so little bit. I was not so sure this car can function properly if the petrol was over. Oh My God, this trip still long time. I can imagine if this car break down. End up; I drove this car fastest than before. I was really anxious and I hope I can meet with the rest area to add the petrol. Very impossible if I will exit from the toll because it can make us lose again and anymore.

In the middle way, still in the toll, Wiga saw the place to refueling points, but my car was so fast and I cannot control it. So, we just through. Oh, very bad..!!! Just prayed and hope better to Allah. I hope this journey will not finish with the bad thing.

Believe with God and hope all be better. In the end, we can arrive in the Alor Setar that the Capital City of Kedah and we exited from toll a moment to gain the petrol and after that we entered in the toll again and went until Changloon. Oh, how happy we are in Changloon..!! Finally, this trip was awesome and happy ending trip. All of us were very very actually strongly happy because many experiences that we got. This can be our memoriam and I will save it in my mind and my heart ever and after.

We arrived at UUM around 10:30 pm, and when we succeed to get in UUM without any question from the security in gate, immediately we laughed so big together. Alhamdulillah, we can finish this awesome trip with the beautiful thing. I was happy and all my friends were so happy too..!!

“Awesome, Fantastic and Romantic Journey..!!! 😀

“I Love You All..!!! :*

04:39 pm

Jum’at, 30 Maret 2012

AP3-477, DPP Bank Muamalat, UUM, Sintok, Kedah, Malaysia.


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