“Autumn in Laluan B…!!!”


“Laluan B”


Just enjoyed my last holiday some days ago, I went to take some pictures around my UUM “jungle”. This place still so lonely, but never mind because it could give occasion to me for doing my action in this project.

Not many pictures that I could catch at that time because rain seems become so jealous to me.  They were like want to damp my camera.  So, I just brought little bit pictures for you to enjoy. Especially, some pictures about few hostels that we usually called “DPP” in this College.

First, I started from DPP EON. Hm, did you know? EON is an abbreviation of a company. EON mean Edaran Otomobil Nasional. So, if you going to buy a car, I think EON is the best choice, but it’s just in Malaysia, not in your country dude..!! 😀

Okay, let’s check it out some pictures of DPP EON.

Yeah, after around in DPP EON, it was time to see some pictures from DPP Petronas. Hm, about Petronas, no need many sentences to explain this name. I think all of you know what Petronas is it? Ya, Petronas or Petroliam National is a Malaysian oil and gas company. So, if you have bought a car in EON, you can fill the petrol in Petronas, is it good idea, right? Hehehe

This is some pictures of DPP Petronas

Near DPP Petronas, there is DPP Sime Darby. Yeah…!! I imagine if I were a rich woman, I want to buy many collections of property room in Sime Darby Company. Wah, I will have a big house with some lifestyle collection. Hm, I hope the dream comes true. Aminn..!!

I am showing the pictures of DPP Sime Darby


Just walk a view minutes, we can see the next DPP, that is DPP BSN. BSN mean Bank Simpanan Nasional and the location merely in Malaysia. So, after you bought a car in EON, then you filled the petrol in Petronas, after that you went to Sime Darby to get many lifestyle collections for your home, I think you can save leftover your budget in BSN. Yaaa, you can do it if you were a success and rich person. Hehehe

This is DPP BSN…


In front of BSN, there is a DPP TM. Hm, everybody knows TM is Telecom Malaysia. Wah, I have to say many thanks for TM, because this company can help us to get connection with the other people. “Connection makes anything possible”. I strongly agree with this sentence.

Check it out some pictures of DPP TM


Okay, the last one is DPP MISC. MISC or Malaysia International Shipping Corporation Berhad is the leading international shipping line of Malaysia. This company consists of everything about ship owning, ship operating and other shipping activities. That mean, if TM already help you to connect with someone in your life, but you cannot meet directly, I think MISC can help to bring you by a ship to meet with them. You can through a vast ocean as a symbol that how missing you are for the person..!! hehehe

Check this out…


Enough for tonite..!!!  I already told 6 DPPs in this “jungle”, still have 9 more DPP. Next time I will continue all…!!! 😀 😀 😀


09:05 pm

Kamis, 19 April 2012

AP3-477, DPP Bank Muamalat, UUM, Sintok, Kedah, Malaysia.


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