I have been doing everything that can make me more enjoyable for today, but nothing can calm down my heart and my mind. There is something wrong that I am feeling now. Is it because I was so late to take a rest last night? Hm, I did not know.

After breakfast, I tried to open a film in my laptop, but it made me more uncomfortable. I was looking some pictures that taken by me, but it was not appeal. I got some fruits and snacks, but I still replete. And I tried to read a company law book for studying and preparing me for midterm, but it was more and more made me headache. Oh God, what happened with me? I am like not me.

Yesterday, I can write two writings in a day, I have many ideas, but today, I lost all of them. I just write a bad feeling that I am feeling right now. Two days since yesterday, I just stayed in my room. Oh, it is really strongly not me. I don’t like to do activities just in a room. I cannot keep quiet and sitting pretty such as a spoiled girl. I have to busy, I have to do many activities, I have to range, I have to walk, and I have to speak up with others, not merely with an inanimate object.

If I go bed, I am sure it cannot solve my problem and it’s not a good idea because I cannot sleep in the middle day. For me, middle day is an effective time to do many activities. If I go outside, I don’t know where I will go. No purpose and no destination.

Ok, I will take my glass and fill it with mineral water and I drink much to refresh my cell, because in an article that I ever read, mineral water has many merits for our body.  Some of which is to launch of digestive system. If you have some terrible with your digestive system, you have to drink mineral water in the early morning, I mean in the first time when you awake without toothbrush or mouthwash. Wait a view minutes, you will feel attached for going toiled.

The other function of mineral water is for beauty treatment. The healthy skin will show your beauty. If you consume just a little bit mineral water, it can make your skin be dry and wrinkled and it’s not beauty dear. So, drink much and much to make our skin moist and glowing…!! 😀

Then, the worthwhile is to minimize of develop cancer cell and also can prevent liver and kidney disease. If you have one of the diseases, I think mineral water must to be your responsibility to consume in everyday.

After that, mineral water also can increase our fertility. It can produce testosterone hormone for man and estrogen hormone for woman. So, starts it from now..!!! 😀

In the end, the function of mineral water that I am much appreciating is to help the diet program. In case, mineral water can reduce our weight because that is not containing of calories, sugar and fat. That mean, if you drink the water very much, you will not get some problems in your body inside, but you will get goodness very much and you will feel full such as after you eat many foods.

So, drink the mineral water very much and frequently from right now. Don’t make your body thirsty…!! Around 80% of our body is containing of water. Automatically, if you drink enough water, absolutely your body more fresh and fit.

Okay… during I am making this writing, I have been drinking more than 1 liters mineral water. Hm, yeah, I felt fresher than before I was starting this project. Okay…!!! Don’t think anymore, do it right now..!!! 😀 😀 😀

02:23 pm

Sabtu, 21 April 2012

Ap3-477, DPP Bank Muamalat, UUM, Sintok, Kedah, Malaysia.


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  1. Just want to add some comments. There are some grammar and tense errors in your writing. But it is very good that you are brave enough to try to write your blog in English. Not so many people want to take the opportunity.

    Improve your grammar and tenses, I guarantee your blog will become much better.

    Keep your spirit up, Uni! 🙂

    • Wahh.. your comment is the important thing that i need. Since I posted this writing, I hope somebody or anybody read this writing to give some comments. Hm, ya uda, I just made by myself, and nobody can help me to correct this writing..!! I will always try to make my english better, and you too..!!! 😀 thank you so much ya uda..!!! 😀

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